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There are several ways one can start building website traffic, acquire new, valuable customers, and develop brand awareness. However, one should ensure that the articles and blog content on the website is ranking high or else the measures as mentioned above, will never yield good results for the company.

Optimization of the website is crucial to bring about brand visibility and position the site in such a manner that it can answer all the queries of the customers. One can do this by incorporating the right Search Engine Optimization techniques and tactics so that you can utilize the different opportunities to rank high in the search engine platforms. Besides, it also increases the chances of interested customers visiting your site.

Below discussed is a complete list which can help one optimize their website content for enhanced performance and results by availing from Affordable SEO Services in India.

  1. Focusing On Long-Tail Keywords :

While using relevant keywords is the key to optimize the content, one cannot merely put as many as they want to. This is because the search engines will consider this as keyword stuffing. It also does not make for good reader experience. The ranking factor prioritizes that the website is successfully able to answer the intent of the customers reading it. Therefore, the keywords used should not look forced.

A better rule of the thumb is to focus on a maximum of two long-tail keywords every blog. Website visitors are hence more likely to read the entire post along with the keyword and then search for more information accordingly.

2. Including Keywords In Specific Areas :

The inclusion of keywords is fundamental to posting informative content on the internet. One can check the efficiency of the keywords by verifying them in Google Trends. Here, one will be able to discover the keywords which are most searched.

Use keywords In -

The Title Tag — This is the headline of the post- one that will first determine the reader’s interest in reading the article or blog. Hence, after gauging the relevance of the content, one has to include specific keywords here ( a maximum of one) so that it appears quickly in the search results. This is known as the title tag. The keyword should be included within the 60 characters of the title. In case of a lengthy title, it is advisable to put the keyword in the beginning.

Headers and the Body — One has to include the keyword in the body of the content as well as the header. It should be done in a reader-friendly manner. One must not go overboard with keyword stuffing. Before writing the content, one has to keep in mind how to include the keyword inside the content itself.

URL — The URLs used are the make the readers understand what they are going to read about. Optimizing the URL by including one or two keywords in this.

Meta Description — This is a kind of summary for the readers to understand the matter of the whole content posted. One can use a long tail keyword here to make it more engaging from the readers perspective.

3. Optimizing Image Alt Tag :

Every blog post should have attractive graphics and images posted inside the body so that the readers find interest in reading it. However, the search engines do not simply look for the images. Instead, the look for the image alt tag which is responsible for increasing ranking. The incorporation of the Alt tag makes a better experience for users and will display the image accordingly, thereby increasing accessibility for the users.

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