Every Digital Marketing Agency Should Avoid These Common Marketing Mistakes

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3 min readSep 23, 2019
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Digital Marketing is one of the biggest necessities of the year 2019. In this ever-evolving technological and digital world, this is a vital tool which enables every company to reach and engage with their targeted audience. Even an increasing number of customers and consumers prefer the online medium to interact with their desired brands and purchase products from them. Hence, every company is investing to avail services from the best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata to create a viable online presence on the Internet.

But every digital marketing strategy is also fast-changing. In such a scenario, it is common for agency workers to make mistakes. Hence, every company should ensure that the strategies which are implemented is up-to-date and very relevant to the business. To avoid fundamental errors in their approach, the marketers are increasing their awareness in this aspect.

Some common mistakes which every good agency should avert for unwanted problems in the future is as follows -

1. No Clarity About Goals :

The primary step is to establish specific objectives so that the agency can gain an understanding of them. It will help you engage with potential and exist customers so that the particular results can be achieved. Hence, understanding your target is imperative for the business to succeed.

Regardless of whether one knows about the customer demographics, their interests or preferences, creating a buyer’s persona is very beneficial in marketing. Here, the marketer goes past the surface properties, after building fictional portrayals of the targeted buyers. They look deep into their motivations and objectives and in this way, generate better outcomes.

Without defining a targeted audience base, customers perceive that you are not serious about your business. Only after setting measurable, clear goals, you can identify your direction, increase website traffic, create better social engagement, and thus gauge the marketing success efficiently.

2. Neglecting Existing Customers :

One of the prime mistakes every organization commits is focussing on attracting new customers. However, any good entrepreneur will always address the interests of their existing customers. Although every digital SEO company in Kolkata should take efforts to draw the attention of new and valuable consumers, they should also do something for your old consumers. One of the most excellent ideas is pitching new items and products on the website to the existing customers. Moreover, it has also proven financially beneficial for every enterprise.

In the case of the previous consumers, you have already formed a suitable connection with them. You can direct their attention to online shopping websites and encourage them with offers, discounts, freebies, etc. You can also give them attractive membership opportunities.

3. Churning Incomprehensible Content :

An irrelevant and invaluable content strategy brings fewer advantages to the company. Imagining fresh and new content and highlighting them with relevant keywords immediately improves the search engine rankings. The readers on every website gobble online content like crazy. They share and re share exciting content daily. Therefore, by posting the right kind of content and the correct digital marketing strategy, you can expect an extraordinary outcome from your targeted audience.

Modify the content accordingly. Update it with current information. Place the keywords inside the content to increase its visibility. You can also share the content on different social media platforms for better engagement.

4. Not Optimizing The Sites For Mobile Phones :

Since an increasing number of consumers spend most of their time on mobile phones, every company must take services from the Development Company In Kolkata who will make your website mobile-friendly. It is the most convenient and also less time-consuming. You are guaranteed good results once this happens.

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