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As more and more people started to shop online, the affordable b2c online solutions in India continues to grow in a better way. To implement the websites with a view toward cashing in on a worldwide e-commerce boom, this has motivated every kind of consumer-oriented firm worldwide. One has witnessed many dot-com firms and goes in the world of e-commerce, despite the remarkable growth of b2c online solution.

Strategy of Business-

The success of an online business does not only work with the implementation of the B2c online solution. For positioning of the products in the market, firms must define the strategies. The solution includes scope, cost, differentiation, and focus, in order to achieve a profitable business.

Customer Relationship Management-

There is no guarantee of profitable trade, with selling and marketing products on the web. The firm must hold and gain onto all one can, due to the high costs associated with the addition of new customers and losing existing ones. Along with an effective CRM strategy, b2c online solutions in India should be induced, for the sustainable, growth and the long-lasting relationship of the firm. The right message should be delivered to the customer at the perfect time to the accurate media, as this formulation needs an accurate prediction.

Choosing the B2C Online Methodologies-

The b2c online project implementation must be methodical, with any complex software development. To develop the b2c online sites, firms need to follow the proven software. For most of the B2C online projects, some researchers believe the system development life cycle methodology. By considering their specific environments, firms can choose the right development methodologies. If a firm wants to collect systems needs simultaneously from the key users of a B2c online site, JAD can be used in the analysis phase of SDLC.

Design of System for Framework-

The firm must consider how to deliver them, after identifying the business systems and objects functionalities.

Web Presence Design-

As the primary interface of the online solution is between the buyer and seller, b2c online sites to customers through one or more web pages. To be transformed into a buyer, a web visitors positive impression increases after the visitor visits the site.


Firms must still produce good websites to take benefit of it, despite the promise of B2c online solutions. Hence if one is looking for such solutions, then one can come to “Avant Garde Technologies” who can give accurate service.



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