SEO Techniques For Marketing Initiatives? Know Here!

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3 min readApr 28, 2021

Just like various other amazing benefits, SEO companies in Kolkata can now boost your marketing efforts. Read more to know exactly how!

Today’s modern marketing department integrates a variety of roles that integrate technology in both traditional and digital approaches. Employment for SEO-related roles, in particular, increased by more than 40% in the last year. SEO Companies in Kolkata inject more dollars than ever before in organic search and content marketing. This strategic change requires SEO teams and marketers to join the concert in order to achieve the results.

Ways SEO Can Enhance Your Marketing Efforts:

Without keywords, prospects may not get you when they look, and that’s why keywords are the foundation of your SEO strategy. The obvious key phrase you will want to measure is, well, handmade fishing traps. However, there are some keywords and phrases customers use to find products similar to yours, and it is up to you to decide what they are and start using them in:


Web pages



Image descriptions


Page titles


Google AdWords is a great place to start with keyword research. But nothing compares to the guidance of SEO companies in Kolkata. Don’t forget the long-tail keywords, because half of all search queries are 4 plus words long. There is little competition for these categories, and they have high conversion rates. If you have the right keywords in your toolbox, they will help you connect with prospective buyers thus, boosting your marketing.

There are many reasons why on-page SEO is critical to your success. So if you want to increase sales, then you should pay attention to these affordable SEO services in India. Here are a few reasons, in a nutshell: an on-page SEO makes your site more user-friendly. These affordable SEO services in India make it easier for search engines to index your pages, increases your search rankings. Hence it helps you focus on improving your priorities. If you are not familiar with on-page SEO, here are some of the most important steps involved:

Creating unique and descriptive title tags

Increasing your page load speed reduces bounce levels

Write a unique descriptive text with a keyword for images in your area

Extends topics with relevant keywords and descriptions

Linking site content with internal links to improve navigation and targeting

Logical and easy-to-read URLs are used

Writing meta descriptions to improve visibility on search engine results page and improve the relevance

When you want SEO to work for you, it will not be something you do part-time or with little effort. To grow SEO marketing, you have to be smart and look out for digital marketing companies in Kolkata. They will help you develop a solid strategy that combines all the things mentioned here. To achieve this, you will need a digital marketing company in Kolkata with good SEO practices and who can evaluate your company’s goals.

Therefore by these 3 ways, you can achieve your desired marketing results using SEO practices. For better guidance and professional help, trust only the best digital marketing agency in India. One such company is Avant-Garde Technologies, one of the best digital marketing agencies in India.



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