Some Of The Major Digital Marketing Trends For The Year 2020 And Beyond

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3 min readOct 10, 2019
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The significance of digital marketing cannot be denied at any cost. A vital tool used by marketers all over the world; no organization can execute their marketing strategies without implementing digital marketing. The technological advancements and the rate of marketing innovations continuing to accelerate, applying practical and result-oriented strategies by the Digital SEO Company In Kolkata is very beneficial. In this article, the digital marketing trends of the year 2020 will be discussed.

1. Optimizing for the on-SERP SEO :

What is a zero-click result? It is a search result where Google automatically generates the answers to every search query. This happens in the form of an automated snippet. The user does not have to search for the results by scrolling the mouse cursor up and down. One also does not have to see the results of the Ad word or do an organic search.

Google also auto-populates the results of the search for broader queries. This is significant because 61.8% of the search results in Google are zero searches. Consequently, more keywords are becoming less profitable. Most SERP companies are unsure how to optimize their content for Google so that their results are chosen over everything else. Hence, one cannot deny that this development is very concerning for all businesses that advertise on Google. Therefore, the brand which figures out the SERP SEO by outsourcing work to the Best SEO Company In India will have a substantial competitive edge over its competitors.

2. Optimizing the voice search :

This has begun to be one of the significant advancements of the current year. With the proliferation of smart speakers and their increasing use, digital marketing techniques have to be modified to suit the requirements of a voice search. With the advent of Alexa, Google Home, and SIRI, the speaker advertising opportunities are also continuing to build one after the other. In future years, Alexa will respond to diverse kinds of possibilities. Voice Search also helps the users to carry out a convenient search on smartphones.

3. More content, more chat bots :

The importance of content in the websites cannot be ignored in any sense. To execute a successful digital marketing strategy, the content team has to produce engaging and entertaining matter for the site so that more and more visitors come. Chat bots are also proven to increase sales. It is supposed to see increased usage by the year 2020 and beyond. Although chat bots are not so helpful for the big businesses, it can increase the website traffic when done by the Affordable SEO Services India.

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