The Reasons Behind The Web-Development Boom in India

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3 min readMay 9, 2019

Today one can run a successful web development company in kolkata. But what is it that led to the web-boom in India? Here’s exploring the possible reasons.

Today the entire world is linked with each other through the web. There is not a single corner of the world that is not covered by world wide web. The first web page came into existence in the year 1991. It was run at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN on a NeXt computer. The address of the first webpage was: Now, more than 28 years later web development services are available everywhere. Today if one looks for web development services in kolkata, one would certainly get companies providing world-class web development services. How did this growth happen over the years? What are the reasons behind the growth of India as a web development hub?

The reasons are wide and many but each has contributed to the immense growth that India has witnessed over the ages:

1)Overall efforts to make it a web-efficient country: One of the main reasons for success has been the effort of the government to make India web efficient. With markets opening to globalization in the 90s, there was also a fair scope of knowledge exchange process. This opened the flood gates for enhancement of knowledge on web development and going the world wide web way.

2)Educational endeavors to promote IT and Web-development: The late 90s saw the sudden emergence of a new area of education — IT and related studies. Suddenly there were colleges, universities, private institutions imparting education on web development, web application based subjects, etc. All these contributed to a future-ready generation who were net savvy and were efficient in web-based development.

3)Availability of Knowledge-tools : The web world in turn also enhanced the availability of different knowledge about website development, web designing, designing through apps. This gave scope to many to enhance the knowledge and as a result different companies were born which used this knowledge to provide services on web site development, web content building, etc. Like young people in Kolkata could dare to dream of opening a web development company in kolkata.

4)Changing face of market and economy: With India adapting to globalization and open market economy, over the time e-commerce became a much loved concept. Businesses began to recognize the power and potential of internet based marketing possibilities. It meant ease of doing business at a much lesser cost. Also it meant a wider outreach and a much more customer-friendly way of reaching out the business.This changing face of business meant more and more requirement of web development companies. This led to a boom in the demand for web development and related services. With the influx of mobile phones, there also arose a steady demand for mobile based apps. The overall situation was thus conducive for popularity for web and mobile based services.

5)A net-savvy population: One of the main reasons that web based services, web based marketing, online purchases, etc grew by leaps and bounds, was because the Indian population was encouraged to be net savvy. There were clear efforts on the part of government and private companies to reach the internet, mobile phones and related services to the remotest of regions. And being affordable, mobile phone became a companion for almost every Indian possible. And soon many Indians could fill in online application forms, could make online purchases and could get information on required products at the touch of buttons.

All these reasons gave birth to an economy that was web-based and user-friendly and which in turn gave scope to many web-based companies to reach their services to many at affordable rates.

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