Top 3 Mobile Commerce Trends for You To Look Up In 2021

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2 min readJan 27, 2021


Do you know Mobile phones are dominating the e-commerce scope globally, that too, more than any other devices? A mobile phone is a go-to device for everything from studying, to buying and even controlling smart home devices. There is an estimation that by the end of the year more than 73% of total e-commerce will highly depend on these devices. Therefore, it is high time digital marketing service takes mobile app development into account, to make your business more user friendly and accessible.

Henceforth, you need to seek out the top app development agency in India for getting your own e-commerce website app as soon as possible. People are loving the ease mobile phones are bringing in their lives as every product or service is just a click away! There is not one but so many factors that will push you to avail your application now! There are certain market trends that are prevailing in 2021 and some of the new ones too. Which we should include in our market plans.

Let us study the ongoing Digital marketing services trends of 2021 and also the ones that are coming fresh in the market.

Mobile Commerce Trends for the Upcoming Year:-

There are a lot of trends prevailing in marketing, however, these trends are tailor-made for you to make it big in the market. Take a look!

One-Click Ordering:

It is no hidden truth that mobile commerce is contributing to the rise of e-commerce exponentially. They are having a larger market share with every passing time. Mobile Phones are super easy to shop, book and navigate your orders from! The Wishlist or buy later feature of Mobile Commerce is making it more hit in the market. An ideal business always works in the comfort zone of their customers, more and more people are preferring apps than websites.

Voice Search:-

You must have heard about Alexa, Siri, and OK Google, right? And we’re sure you know what all these are, it simply enhances your mobile experience. Just like that Voice search or Shopping enhances your mobile commerce experience. It Can run on your voice and does not need any typing. Therefore Ecommerce Website Development should take this trend into account and make their services more consumer-friendly.


Chatbot Integration is highly present on most websites these days, enhancing customer services and interaction. These chatbots have merrily been placed in mobile commerce as well by mobile app development companies in India. This provides better customer interaction that is not time-bound and many such peerless features make it one of the topmost trends of 2021.

If you are smart enough to make the most out of this golden opportunity, mobile commerce brings in, visit AGTS INDIA. It is one of the top app development agencies in India with commendable digital marketing services.



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