Top 5 Security Hacks To Safeguard Your Websites From Hackers

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3 min readFeb 16, 2021

Securing your website is very important especially when the hacking techniques are so advanced. Here are 5 tips by the best web design company all around the world.

You may feel that your website doesn’t have any information about hacking, doesn’t it? Well, that may be not the case, as any website is worth hacking as long as your web server. It is the website design company’s job to make a very good and secure website for your business. The major website hackers aim at not messing up with your information but to use your web server for spamming.

Therefore, there are various important security tips that the web development company in Kolkata or any city follows for safeguarding your website. Hackers consistently try to hack your website and get the servers by attempting automatic scripts.

Hence here are 5 security tips for you to follow to ensure maximum website safety.

5 Website Security Tips Website Development Company Follows:-

Keep Your Softwares Up To Date:- This is the most obvious tip you need to follow, that is to ensure you keep all your software up to date. It is very vital for keeping your site secure. This tip should be for both the server operating system as well as any software that you are running on your website such as a Content Management System. When there are loopholes in your website software, it becomes an ideal situation for hackers to abuse your website.

Look For Error Messages:- Always Pay attention to the information you put up when any error message occurs on your website. The top Web Designing Services Company in Kolkata advises to not leak any security information when these errors occur.

Passwords:- We also see the recommendations of having a strong c complex password that is hard to decide. But do we always come up with one? The answer is no, most passwords people use for operating their websites are easy to hack. Therefore, follow the guideline and make really strong and complex passwords, and change it every 3 months.

Use HTTPS:- In order to make your website highly private and secure, you should use HTTPS. Even top web development companies in Kolkata and around the globe prefer adding HTTPS in their domain name. HTTPS is basically a protocol that is essential for providing your website security over the internet.

Using Web Security Tools:- The most effective tool to check the security of your website and also safeguard is by using web security tools, such as Netsparker, XSS, and so on. This software makes web security so much easier for you.

Following the above-stated tip is very essential to safeguard security. However, there is one thing to keep in mind, and that is, to not attempt to do it all alone, rather seek assistance from someone who is professional in it such as a web designing company in Kolkata. AGTSIndia is a web designing service in Kolkata which aims at providing you the best safety tools for your websites.



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